Reduce the time and hassle of building a pipeline of home buyers.

Prescreened mortgage connections

mortgage connections

Speak with motivated buyers

We prescreen millions of online real estate inquiries 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Instantly connect to home buyers via a live phone call transfer

Speak only to buyers interested in getting pre-qualification help from a lender

Agent introductions
Grow your professional network

Real estate agent introductions for mortgage providers

Build your network of real estate agents in your area

Expand your sphere of influence to increase loan volume

Skip networking events and bypass the gatekeepers

Performance dashboard
Track ROI & loan officer engagement

Track agent introductions, monitor engagement, and update your progress with clients

Use insights and analytics to improve performance

Stay up-to-date on each home buyer’s status with their agent

How ReadyConnect
Live BuyerSM works

  • We do the outreach. We consolidate millions of online leads to speak with them.

  • We identify the buyers. We call consumers within seconds and pre-screen them to find the buyers interested in getting pre-qualification help from a lender.

  • We connect you with a live transfer. Once we’ve identified the buyers that would like to speak with a lender, we connect them directly to you via a live phone call transfer.

  • We help you coordinate with the buyer's agent. When the buyer is connected to the agent, your loan officers are notified and kept up-to-date on the buyer's progress until they close.
Connect with buyers seeking mortgage pre-approval

Work on closing deals with
a pipeline of motivated buyers,
ready to get prequalified by a lender.

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