Your online leads,
screened and optimized

We do the heavy lifting of screening your leads then deliver them to the right agent for the job.


Our team responds to an inquiry in under a minute and conducts rigorous follow up, making up to 26 attempts to contact a lead


Your leads are pre-screened and sorted to identify only the most motivated buyers and sellers


Our matching algorithm assigns each screened lead to the agent most likely to close the deal then connects that agent to the lead through a live three-way call

How ReadyConnect Lead AcceleratorSM works

ReadyConnect℠ Accelerator

Quick response to your leads. Our inside sales team calls your online leads within 1 minute of the inquiry. We’re on from 7am-11pm, 365 days a year, working for you.

ReadyConnect℠ Accelerator

We conduct rigorous follow up. To ensure no one slips through the cracks we will make up to 26 attempts to contact a lead over the course of a multi-month campaign

ReadyConnect℠ Accelerator

We prescreen your leads. Taking on the time-consuming process of sorting through your leads and screening them for intent to buy, timeframe, price point, location and more

ReadyConnect℠ Accelerator

We assign your leads and connect them live. Our advanced matching algorithm assigns each screened lead to the right agent in your brokerage through a live introductory phone call.

ReadyConnect℠ Accelerator

We make agents accountable. We ensure each of your agents is moving active leads through the pipeline. We provide you with an agent dashboard to monitor performance and gain real-time insights

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